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Community Food Bank
Enterprise Zone Contribution Project

The Community Food Bank is an approved Mesa County Enterprise Zone Contribution Project. This means when donations of $250 or more are made to the food bank, you may qualify for a Colorado State Tax Credit of 25%.

Taxpayer Benefits As a Colorado taxpayer, the enterprise zone community contribution credit benefits you in several ways:
• It decreases the amount of Colorado State taxes you owe.
• It gives you an opportunity to invest in your community.
• It lets you direct the use of your dollars in ways that have more immediate and personal meaning for you and your family.

Community Benefits Historically, communities such as ours have depended on state and federal government and private foundations for assistance with community development projects. Unfortunately, as time passes, available resources cannot keep up with increasing demands, and it becomes more and more difficult for smaller communities to make needed improvements. A contribution to an approved Enterprise Zone contribution project, however, offers several benefits for communities:
• It represents an additional source of funds.
• It can be received at any time during the year.
• It comes from a donor who has a personal interest in the project.
• It triggers other investment in the community, thus helping to stabilize the local economy.

Ready to claim your credit? Upon making your donation to the Community Food Bank, you must provide a valid Tax Identification Number (Social Security Number, FEIN, Colorado Account Number, etc.) and your legal name in order to be eligible to receive a certified DR0075 certificate. Donation(s) must be received in hand along with required supporting information by the last day of 2017 in order to ensure you receive your credit. After the Community Food Bank receives the information from you, the food bank will submit the form to the Enterprise Zone Administrator who reviews and certifies them. The certified form is sent back to the Community Food Bank, which is then mailed to you, the donor.

Additional information about Enterprise Zone contribution projects can be found at

For assistance in securing and Enterprise Tax Credit through the Community Food Bank, contact Barbara Firth, Community Food Bank Board of Director, at